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Thoughts To Change Lanes

I was contemplating what could I write that would reach people and help them to get them started toward the path of life that best suits them and those connected to them. A path is another word for lane. Here we discover truths of Thoughts To Change Lanes. Here is what came to me,“When purpose is not clear abuse is inevitable” When we meet others and purpose is sensed it says without words, “this is what I am about and anything different is not where I am going”. That person’s sense of purpose causes us to respect their time, possessions,... read more

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Feeling: I Can’t Shake

  I am often told to be tenacious, courageous, persistent, pushing, and dedicated to a direction. This post is about being aware of the feeling... read more

Pluses And Minuses Of Starting Your Own Business

Ready to dive in? O.K. Let’s begin! On the one hand, there’s Pro; In Favor: Very first point in support of starting your own business... read more

Impress a Business Client (or your girlfriend) In 5 Easy Steps

Just about anything that would be truly worth doing normally takes more than a single step to complete. Most rewarding tasks take time, demand many... read more

3 Reasons To Start A Part Time Business

What about you? Ever think you might want to start a part time business someday? What do you think brought them to choose to do... read more

Writing Business Requirements In 5 Simple steps

Really worthwhile projects typically require several steps for successful achievement. Things with any intricacy require various steps over a period of time. It’s only inherent... read more

When Starting A Non-Profit

Knowing just what you should do and knowing how to do a thing is important. Obviously, it really is also important to know the right... read more

3 Proven Methods Listen Effectively

There are several explanations why someone might want to listen effectively. The best way to be heard is to be willing to listen to someone... read more

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